Ways Your House Makes You Look Older Than You Are

If you’re sitting in your Barcalounger or reading this on your bulky desktop computer, your house might be dating you. See if any more of these signs sound familiar.

You have tchotchke overload

clutterLeonardo Emiliozzi/Shutterstock

There’s a fine line between a collection and clutter. OK, the line is not so fine. A well-curated collection of meaningful items proudly and neatly displayed is a great way to personalize your space. But a mess of crowded knickknacks—especially if they look cheap or mass-produced and have no rhyme or reason—is a surefire way to age yourself. These 100 essential cleaning hacks will change your life.

You use lace doilies, and not ironically


If there’s one thing that could make an unwieldy tchotchke collection look even more dated, it’s lace doilies placed beneath them. There’s a reason we associate these cloths with grandmas of another era. The doily became popular in the 19th century when knowing how to crochet was a status symbol for young women. Don’t miss these cheap decorating ideas that will make your home seem more expensive.

You keep obviously fake flowers and plants


Faux flowers and plants have enjoyed a modern Renaissance in recent years, but those stale-looking bouquets—the ones with visible stitching, plastic stems, and an inch of dust—can make it look like your decor style peaked in the 1980s. Here are 10 seriously cool succulents that make great houseplants—and they’re real!


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