Top Colleges Whose Graduates Earn the Most Money

Who says college isn’t worth it? Graduates of each of these 10 small colleges can look forward to cashing in when they hit the job market.

The results are in

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Yes, college is supposed to be the four of the best years of your life—but it’s also supposed to “set you up for success,” points out Zippia, the career advice website. But landing a well-paying job after graduation is no sure thing. Last year, Zippia studied four-year institutions in each state to see which ones produce the highest earning graduates. (Top of the list: Harvard and Stanford—big surprise.) This year, Zippia focused on small colleges in each state and tracked the salaries of each college’s graduates 10 years down the road to find the schools with the biggest bang for the buck.

University of Maryland: Baltimore, Maryland

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Average earnings: $102,900

With the average grad earning a six-figure salary, the University of Maryland–Baltimore has a “stranglehold on the number one spot,” Zippia notes. The website attributes this to the university’s schools of medicine, law, and nursing, all of which steer students to high-income careers.

Brown University: Providence, Rhode Island

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Average earnings: $87,600

“It should be expected we’d see at least one prestigious Ivy Leaguer on the list and here they are at number two,” reports Zippia. Brown’s prestige certainly factors into its grads landing jobs that pay well. The school’s selectivity may play a role as well: With just a 9 percent acceptance rate, Brown attracts top students who have demonstrated their willingness to face challenges and their ability to succeed. Don’t miss these weird jobs you didn’t know you could apply for.

Harvey Mudd College: Claremont, California

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Average earnings: $84,900

Part of the Claremont College system in California, Harvey Mudd emphasizes STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. Those are fields in which employees are in high demand—and demand drives up salaries.


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