Things Deals Sites Won’t Tell You

Attention shoppers: You’ll get the best bargains on daily deals sites like Groupon, Living Social, and others if you follow these insider tips.

Hunt for deals outside of your area


Do you live in Ohio but see a great deal in Seattle? Scoping out bargains in other cities might pay off. Quite a few “local” deals from national chains (say, Starbucks) are actually valid all over the United States—just read the fine print to double check.

Do your homework before you buy

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Some vouchers, particularly travel packages, may be available for comparable prices—or even less!—on the vendor’s own website. For example, a promo may advertise that it includes a special breakfast, but a quick web search can reveal that every regular paying guest also gets the same deal. Check out these savvy shopping tricks you’ll wish you knew all along.

Beware of overselling

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See a great deal for a haircut? If it says 100,000 are available and the coupon expires in three months, chances are, it’s going to be tough to redeem. No single salon can cut that much hair! Also be on the lookout for completely phony deals, like this unfortunate instance when a photographer offering vastly discounted photo shoots turned out to be plagiarizing her sample images.


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