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Never Say These Things to Deaf People

Culture Morgan CutoloJun 22 These are considered cultural norms for deaf people, but it’s easy for hearing people who don’t know deaf culture to be rude...

The Paint Color That Can Sell Your House for $6,000 More

Emily DiNuzzoJun 22 Who knew a bucket of paint could be worth so much money?Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock Selling your...

Nicest Places in America 2018 Finalists

Kalamazoo, Michigan Courtesy Sherry Ransford Ramsdell The city of Kalamazoo has made a vow to all of its public high school students: If you get into...

Area 51 Secrets the Government Won’t Tell You

The area is massive Ric LaFollette/Shutterstock You probably just picture a windowless building on Area 51, but there’s more to the base—a lot more. Area 51...

13 Things a Movie Theater Employee Won’t Tell You

Saving Money Ilana StraussJun 21 The truth about movie theater popcorn, how theaters get you to spend way too much, and other behind-the-scenes info only the...

Triumphs and Tragedies of Military Families

Inspiring Stories Jen BabakhanJun 21 When military service members return from deployment wounded, the effects of their injuries ripple through their families mercilessly. One nonprofit organization,...

This Is What Happens to Your Brain on a Diet

Emily DiNuzzoJun 21 Photo: TijanaM/shutterstock Your body and brain crave stasis, and naturally fight against losing weight. But...

Signs Your Liver is in Big Trouble

Conditions Alyssa JungJun 21 If any (or all) of these signs sound familiar, it might be time to visit your doctor. Your eyes turn yellow sruilk/Shutterstock “Yellow eyes...

Here’s How Much the Miss America Pageant Has Changed Throughout the Years

2016: LGBTQ+ equality Mel Evans/Shutterstock Erin O’Flaherty became the first openly lesbian contestant in the pageant. Her presence in the pageant represented another big step toward...

10 Strange Skin Problems that Could Be a Sign of a Serious Disease

Conditions Jessica MigalaJun 20 Your skin is can telescope what’s happening inside, from diabetes to cancer, tick bites, and more. What your skin shows charnsitr/Shutterstock As your body’s largest...
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