Mahama Samuel Picks Form To Contest NDC Deputy National Communication Slot

Mr. Mahama Samuel, aspiring National Deputy Communication Officer,NDC

Mr. Mahama Samuel, aspiring National Deputy Communication Officer,NDC

A communication team member of the NDC, Mr. Mahama Samuel has picked up forms to contest for the position of National Deputy Communication officer of the National Democratic Party (NDC).

His picking of the forms has demonstrated his commitment to listen to the numerous calls from the grassroots of the party for him to contest for the position to give the party a communication that will bring back the NDC to power in the 2020 elections.

The forms was picked up on his behalf by his senior brother at the NDC headquarter today.

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The Man Samuel Mahama (Socrates):
Samuel Mahama is a young man who was born in Damongo but hails from Bole, all in the Northern Region of Ghana. He attended his basic education at Word Miracle School, Damongo. He is currently a student of Law at the Kings University College, Accra. At a very tender age, he developed a deep passion for politics. He has since been actively involved in matters of the NDC.

Years later, then in Senior High School, he wrote several articles, including his famous article, “Reasons why the NDC should be given a second chance”. This he did, in his bid to solicit support for the NDC.

He is a prolific writer and an astute communicator. In 2014, he was then a member of TEIN communication team in Navrongo, UDS. Within the same year, he published a number of articles on a number of media outlets across the country.

In what appears to be the awakening of his communication prowess, he became a member of the NDC communication Team in Damongo, where he contributed in no small measure. Being a good writer and a dyed-in-the-wool NDC member, he has become a household name on social media.

In 2016, he was the Communication Officer of TEIN in Kings University College, and today, by dint of hard work and determination, he is currently the President of TEIN.

Socrates, as he is referred to by his peers, has always defended the NDC wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Today, as young as he is, he has a vision for the collective good of his party, the NDC. He seeks to present a clear cut vision even in his bid to contest as Deputy National Communication Officer of the NDC.

He believes that his young but exuberant exposure to the politics of Ghana, Africa and the world will in no small way enable him to execute properly his job when given the nod.

He believes leadership ought to be redefined and that, it doesn’t matter how long one has been in a job. What matters is readiness, the zeal, the passion and the competence to effect a proper change.

He also believes, that given an opportunity such as this, will not only mean the future is bright for the NDC, but will also mean the NDC is best positioned strategically to captured power from the NPP.



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