How To Love Your Mother-In-Law, Even When It’s Really Hard | Mitzi Bockmann

Having a hard time with your MIL?

If you often find yourself thinking “I hate my mother-in-law,” you’re not alone. But Are you desperately seeking reasons to love your mother-in-law? But, on some days, it can be really difficult.

When you get married, more likely than not, you also get a mother-in-law, the woman who raised your partner. And quickly, conflict can arise between you.

She raised your partner and is used to things being done a certain way. But when you married him, you brought your own opinions and traditions into the equation. And sometimes, they can be at odds.

This type of conflict between spouses and mother-in-laws can be really hard on a marriage. It can even destroy it.

But, don’t fret! By understanding more about how your mother-in-law’s brain works, you can not only improve your relationship with her, but you can alleviate conflict and thereby strengthen your relationship with your partner in the process.

Here are 5 reasons to love your MIL:


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