Disney Trip Tips: How to Save on Your Next Vacation

Walt Disney World truly is one of the most magical places on earth. It’s also one of the most expensive. These expert tips from The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World give you the DL on saving big at WDW.

Plan the travel dates for your Disney trip wisely

Courtesy, Liliane Opsomer, The Unofficial Guides

The most expensive times to buy vacation packages at Disney World are mid-March through Easter, summer, and holiday periods. If you’re flexible about when you can travel, plan your Disney trip during the “off” months. Not only do you save money, but you save time standing in line for rides that could otherwise have 90-minute long waits.

Know your Disney trip vacation package

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When you buy a package for your Disney trip, what you’re really paying for is the convenience of taking care of all aspects of your vacation in one swoop. Many vacations packages include extra features that you’ll never use, but drive the price of the whole deal way up. If you choose to buy a package, make sure you understand what you’re paying for (i.e. make sure you will actually use the extra perks). Otherwise, going the route of a less expensive room-only reservation is often cheaper. Then, you can easily make your own “package” and pay for other expenses separately. Check out these secret spots you never knew existed in Disney parks.

Use discount codes

Dumbo-RideCourtesy, Liliane Opsomer, The Unofficial Guides

Disney hotels often release discounts to get rid of unsold rooms. Sites like mousesaver.com can help you find those codes. They usually appear two to six months in advance of your reservation. If you can be flexible and schedule your trip during the off-season, you’ll have more luck finding those discounted rooms. Otherwise, you’ll need these tricks for beating the crowds when spending the holidays at Disney.

Choose your dining plan carefully

Blaze-PizzaCourtesy, Liliane Opsomer, The Unofficial Guides

All Disney Magic Your Way packages come with the option of a Magic Your Way dining plan (original name, right?), and you can’t get a dining plan without the vacation package. The Magic Your Way Plus dining plan (one counter-service meal, one sit-down meal, and two snacks per day) is a fan-favorite—60 percent of visitors who got the plan said they’d buy it again, according to the guide. However, it can be risky. Skip just one meal during a stay of five or fewer days, and you will lose money. Stay away from meal plans if you have picky eaters or if you’re unsure if your kids can even eat one full-sized meal every day.


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