Bad Habits Costco Shoppers Should Really Stop Doing

Have you seen some of these behaviors at Costco?

Following shoppers in the parking lot

18 Bad Habits Costco Shoppers Should Really Stop DoingMary Altaffer/AP/Shutterstock

Costco is a busy place, particularly during the holidays. But while zeroing in on a shopper leaving the store might seem like a good strategy, it can also be creepy. “You’ll see drivers trailing shoppers returning to their cars, waiting for three or four minutes while they load up their trunk, wrestle with seat belts, and glacially back out of their parking space,” the Oregonian reports. “In the time these parking lot vultures waited for a space closer to the store, they could have parked farther away, made it into the store, while logging an extra hundred steps on their Fitbits.”

Whining about employees checking your card

18 Bad Habits Costco Shoppers Should Really Stop DoingDamian Dovarganes/AP/Shutterstock

It might seem annoying to present your membership card every time, but as Costco employee and Reddit user mbz321 notes, it could save you time in the end. “The point of checking your card is to make sure you have it when you get to the checkout, as the only way a cashier can start a transaction is by scanning a membership card. Yes, it can be looked up, but that involves a supervisor taking a license over to their computer and running back, which holds up the line and makes everyone pissed.” Find out 15 secrets Costco employees won’t tell you.

Abusing the store-return policy

18 Bad Habits Costco Shoppers Should Really Stop DoingElaine Thompson/AP/Shutterstock

Yes, sometimes in the rush to get in and out of Costco, you sometimes grab something in the wrong size. That’s why the company’s generous return policy is a good thing. “But there’s always someone standing in the returns line with half-used products or items that went south because they were left overnight in the car during a summer heatwave,” the Oregonian reports. “Did you really have to eat half of that mega-sized bag of multigrain chips before deciding you don’t like them?” 


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